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Kim McKoy was appointed as Court Administrator by Presiding Judge Karen Hall in January 2013. Previously Kim worked in the Madison County Circuit Clerk’s office for 25 years. The Court Administrator serves as a conduit for many judicial operations of the courts and is responsible for the administration and management of the Jury System. The Court Administrator’s role is to facilitate the administrative responsibilities of the court and develop policies to enhance performance of the courts operations.

Kim and her staff are responsible for the following:

Jury Management – oversee the county’s jury system to ensure efficient and cost effective policies and procedures are implemented.

Fiscal Administration – prepare and guide court budgets; processing and management of grants.

Human Resources – facilitate personnel matters for judicial staff

Procurement – acquisition supplies and equipment for judicial staff; maintain inventory and communicates with vendors regarding best economic procurement by analyzing quotes and proposals

Case management reports and Statistics – collect data, analyze and evaluate pending caseloads, work with Clerk in data validation.

Information Technology – provide support in all areas of Technology for the judicial staff and collaborate with the Administrative Office of Courts to promote the efficiency of our courts.

Space Management – manage space to assure that Judges have adequate room to hold court to also instill public confidence in compliance with the American Disability Act.

Indigent Defense – maintain list of qualified attorneys to be appointed and assign attorneys to cases as needed


Room Phone
Circuit Clerk
Kizer, Debra 217 532-3390
Court Administrator
McKoy, Kim 327 532-3575
Jury Venire Room 616 532-3576
Turner, Kevin 206 532-3412
District Attorney
Brousard, Rob 414 532-3460
Chairman, County Commission
Strong, Dale 700 532-3795
County Administrator
Jones, Kevin 700 532-3502
County Attorney
Rich, Jeff 700 519-2061


Pl. 1 Circuit Judge Karen Hall                     (KKH) Pl. 3 Dist. Judge Linda F. Coats              (LFC)
Courtroom #1 – Rm. 251   Courtroom – Rm. 306
256-532-3455 256-532-6990
Pl. 7 Circuit Judge Alan Mann,  (-AM) Pl. 2 Dist. Judge Patty Demos              (PDD)
Courtroom #3 – Rm. 230 Courtroom – Rm. 529
256-532-1572 256-532-3636
Pl. 3 Circuit Judge Ruth Ann Hall, PJ     (RAH) Pl. 4 Dist. Judge Don N. Rizzardi           (DNR)
Courtroom #4- Rm. 334 Courtroom  – Rm. 800
256-532-3618 256-532-1646
Pl. 5 Circuit Judge Donna S. Pate               (DSP) Pl. 1
Courtroom #6 – Rm. 810
Pl. 6 Circuit Judge Chris M. Comer           (CMC) 3780 Judge William PageRm. 243      (WDP)
519- Courtroom #2 – Rm. 270
2053 256-519-2053 Madison Co. Juvenile Justice Center
3708 CATHY CALLAWAY, Juv Ref            (MCC)
815 Cook Avenue, Huntsville, AL  35801
Pl. 2 Circuit Judge Alison S. Austin           (ASA) FAX# 532-3707
Courtroom #7 – Rm. 600
Court Administrator’s Office – Rm . 327
FAX # 532-3686
Pl. 4 Circuit Judge Claude Hundley            (CEH)  3575 KIM MCKOY,  COURT ADMINISTRATOR
Courtroom #5 – Rm. 812
Circuit Judge James P. Smith (Ret.)    (JPS) United States District Court (Federal)
Office – Rm. 121   JUDGE C. LYNWOOD SMITH      533-9490
256-532-3394 FED. CLERK’S OFFICE                534-6495
Circuit Judge  Patrick M. Tuten SHERIFF’S DEPT.
Courtroom – Rm. 604
Administrative Office of Courts
AOC                 1-866-954-9411